Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 88


The System sound that only Fang Li could hear didn’t make him show any astonished expression as if he had expected it, Fang Li’s face didn’t change at all.

Because so long as there were existences with special abilities in a world then there would be classes.

For example, the Magus in the TYPE-MOON World.

For example, Ninjas in the Naruto World.

More examples include Shinigami from Bleach along with Quincy etc..

These beings with special power or special groups of people were the so-called classes.

So long as the conditions are met, the Chief God’s Envoy can transition into a class and gain the special abilities of that class.

At that moment, not only can they obtain a Class’ unique attributes they can also obtain the same powers as that class.

But in this world, the special ability users were God Eaters without a doubt.

So long as he poured in Oracle Cells into his body and made a connection to a God Arc, Fang Li could become a God Eater.

“It’s a pity that Chief God’s Envoys can only change classes once.”

Therefore, to consider transitioning, Fang Li had to consider if the class was suitable for him.

Otherwise, he didn’t even have time to regret.

At the same moment, Rindou Amamiya and Soma had killed many Aragami under the cover fire from Sakuya Tachibana finally arriving in front of Fang Li and Hibari.

“…” Rindou Amamiya was startled and couldn’t help asking, “Only you two managed to survive?”

“No.” Hibari shook her head, her complexion was pale as she said, “If I wasn’t saved then I would’ve died too…”

“Don’t mind it too much, I just did what was convenient.” Fang Li indifferently stated and said to Rindou Amamiya, “Captain Amamiya, what should we do now?”

Hearing this, Amamiya Rindou hesitated before saying his plan, “The Russian Branch should be sending out troops to meet the enemy so we should join up with them.”

Rindou Amamiya conveniently sliced an Aragami while talking to Fang Li and continued, “Under the situation of lacking supplies, not talking about Soma and I, Sakuya’s ammunition will run out soon so we need to reach the Russian Branch before that.”

Then, Amamiya Rindou chopped another Aragami before shouting to Soma, “Soma move out!”

“What a pain.” Soma’s tone was indifferent as usual as he fell back next to Fang Li and the rest.

“We will shield you, so run in front.”

Rindou Amamiya was holding the huge God Arc and leisurely smoking relaxedly asking, “Are there any issues?”

“No issues.” Fang Li nodded and said to Hibari, “I’ll carry you.”

“No, I can…” Hibari wanted to reject but Fang Li directly scooped her up in a princess carry.

“Eh? Ehhhhhh?” Hibari froze.

No… wait?

How did this turn into a princess carry?

What a pity, Fang Li ignored Hibari and after scooping her up immediately turned around and ran towards the tall buildings in the distance.

This running speed, even while holding a person, Fang Li still managed to run quite a long distance instantaneously.

Seeing the huge distance Fang Li covered both Rindou Amamiya and Soma were astonished.

“My goodness, that’s some good speed.”


While they were speaking, in the sky a huge bunch of black egg like Aragami surged past with more Aragami coming in this direction.

The Aragamis were made up of different types, some looked like ferocious tailed beasts, some like orangutans they all had various strange shapes and gradually encircled the area.

“Seems like the situation doesn’t look good, hurry and catch up then meet with the Russian Branch.”

Rindou Amamiya pressed on his earphone and said, “Sakuya, retreat now hurry up.”

“Roger.” Sakuya Tachibana’s sound came out of the earphone and she jumped from the top of the ruin before running towards Fang Li.

Rindou Amamiya and Soma pursued as well encircling Fang Li and Hibari to protect them and charging forward.


The ferocious beast like Aragami roared and treaded forward towards Fang Li’s group.

*Gu lu lu lu lu lu lu*

The Aragami in the sky also sent out loud cries and gathered towards that direction. Facing such an army, the three God Eaters around Fang Li immediately attacked.

*Pu Chi*

Rindou Amamiya and Soma’s God Arc were slashing quickly cutting each Aragami and giving them a bloody road forward.

*Bang bang bang bang bang bang!*

Sakuya Tachibana’s sniper rifle was also loudly resounding with every shot hitting its target and downing an Aragami, providing cover fire for everyone.

Fang Li was surrounded like this by the three God Eaters and solely responsible for Hibari as he dashed wildly.

In this process, Fang Li also saw the lively God Eaters around him and nodded in his heart. As the Class members in this world, Rindou Amamiya, Soma and Sakuya Tachibana were extremely strong in terms of both physical ability as well as combat techniques.

Perhaps for these three God Eaters each could easily surpass the Kabaneri in the previous world and crusade against a Fused Colony on their own.

“After all, they’re the First Unit, morever Rindou Amamiya and Soma aren’t even giving it their all yet.”

With that in mind, Fang Li’s movement hadn’t stopped and he kept dashing forward. At this time, however, something happened.


A loud explosion sounded and the ground shook as a huge form ran out.


It looked like a giant orangutan that was roaring loudly and rushing in their direction.

“Not good!”

RIndou Amamiya and Soma’s expressions tensed up and they wanted to stop subconsciously. However, at this time some wind blew past.


With a sky-splitting sound, Fang Li’s speed immediately rose sharply causing loud noises of wind blowing past as he rushed forward.

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