Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 89

Entering the Dungeon World again, the Fang Li now and the one before were completely different.

The first time he entered, Fang Li had no extraordinary means besides his innate skill and the attributes he had were rubbish except for maybe AGI.

Now, however, Fang Li’s attributes had all risen by a large scale and his skills had been supplemented by good equipment, his strength had increased by a lot.

On top of that, thanks to the training done in the Chief God’s Dimension, Fang Li obtained many combat skills and comparing him now and before he could be said to have been reborn.

For example, right now Fang Li was using a bit of the skill he learned from Shiki Tohno’s Nanaya Assassination Arts which was to accelerate his body to the limit when running.

Although it can’t be compared to Shiki Tohno’s movement while stopped and suddenly moving sideways at the same speed, Fang Li’s right now can also temporarily show that sort of speed for a short while if he ran.

Therefore, at that moment, Rindou Amamiya, Sakuya Tachibana and Soma could only feel the wind blowing past before Fang Li who was inside the encirclement ran out holding Hibari and charged straight at the chest of the enemy.


Over there, the Aragami roared loudly vibrating eardrums and raised its sturdy arm towards the oncoming Fang Li, slamming it down like a mountain collapsing.

This strike not only caused the wind to blow up but also a sonic boom to resound, if a person was hit by it they’d definitely be crushed into nothing.

Facing this strike, Fang Li immediately sped up with no fear in his eyes, only calmness that made the heart beat faster.

At that moment, Fang Li dropped from the clouds and kicked forward, trampling forward with his foot.

That huge arm collided directly with his foot.


With a resounding boom, a fierce gale blew like a storm sweeping across the land.

Fang Li and the Aragami were inside the dust cloud as the Aragami retreated several steps and made deep marks in the ground.


“You’ve got to be joking…”


Seeing this with their own eyes, Rindou Amamiya, Sakuya Tachibana and Soma were all astonished.


That Aragami was also astonished as it sent out an angry roar and pounced forward towards Fang Li.

Fang Li moved at the same time as well. As if disregarding inertia, his body spun around and dodged, appearing behind the Aragami and trampling it again causing another wave of wind to blow out.


Another loud boom resounded once more.

This time, Fang Li’s kick hit the Aragami directly and sent it flying in the air towards several other Aragami before slamming into some ruins.


At this moment, Fang Li finally exhaled the breath he was keeping in. However, in Fang Li’s bosom, Hibari who saw Fang Li’s performance was thoroughly dumbfounded.

Not just Hibari, even Rindou Amamiya, Sakuya Tachibana and Soma were startled and couldn’t say a word.

If some people had seen Fang Li and Shiki Tohno’s war before in the simulation, they would see that Fang Li’s previous movement and the Flashing Dash in the Nanaya Assassination Arts were extremely similar.

A weird way of moving.

Surmounting the peak of human speed.

Spider-like footwork.

Suddenly accelerating to peak speed.

These were all skills of the Nanaya Assassination Arts.

Naturally perhaps for the true Nanaya Assassination Arts, Fang Li was not even at the base standard.

But after ten days of training, Fang Li’s skill had definitely risen and after observing Shiki Tohno, it seemed to have some essence of the Flashing Dash.

Although it was just a hint, it was still a realm ordinary humans would be unable to accomplish.

Therefore, the three God Eaters were surprised.

The Aragami that was trampled and flew away was thoroughly angry right now.


Roaring loudly it dashed wildly from the ruins towards Fang Li again.

As a monster that human weapons could not fight against, naturally it was impossible to have been killed by Fang Li’s foot, it didn’t even have a scar on it. The threat of it didn’t reduce at all but instead increased.

However, right now, Fang Li had no time to pay attention to it.

“Are you all dreaming?”

Seeing the startled God Eaters, Fang Li said sarcastically, “You better run away fast or I’ll leave you behind.”

Then, Fang Li ignored the God Eaters and turned around, immediately running from the roaring Aragami.

This speed seemed to be a lot faster compared to before. This wasn’t Fang Li hiding his strength but the Rotating Step Boots had shown their effects of increasing speed when retreating.

Seeing Fang Li’s speed rising so quickly until they almost couldn’t see his form, Rindou Amamiya, Sakuya Tachibana and Soma then responded.

“Is that boy really an ordinary soldier?”

“That sort of skill, if he was in the army wouldn’t it have spread by now?”

“Unexpectedly hiding his skill by remaining silent…”

The three God Eaters woke up and hastily pursued.

It had to be mentioned that although Fang Li’s speed was quick as the Special Class in this World, the three God Eaters were not slow either as they overtook Fang Li.

The surrounding Aragami roared and started to chase after the three God Eaters again.

At this moment, Fang Li’s group finally saw something.

A large group of soldiers with guns catching up.

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