Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 90

“Bang bang bang bang bang”

When Fang Li saw the group of soldiers giving backup, they started shooting at the Aragami. Naturally, human weapons did nothing towards them. However, this could divert their attention as Fang Li did during his fight.

Therefore, Fang Li’s group who were surrounded by the Aragami were able to break out of the encirclement ring when the Aragami were distracted.

At this moment, Fang Li’s group managed to finally escape and get to the military base.

“You all right?” Fang Li put down Hibari and politely asked.

“N-no matter, I’m all right.” Hibari had as if finally gotten back her composure and her look changed when she stared at Fang Li saying, “You’re amazing! You can actually overthrow the Aragami!”

“Overthrow?” Fang Li couldn’t help but laugh.

No matter what, this wasn’t overthrowing?

Although he hadn’t used the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, Fang Li skills now couldn’t overthrow the Aragami, at most he could suppress them.

“Although it wasn’t a small Aragami it wasn’t a large one either.”

Because the Aragami bodies were made of a collection of Oracle Cells, Aragami that were bigger had stronger abilities. According to their size and ability they could be divided into three categories of, small, medium and large Aragami.

The small Aragami were easy to defeat, average God Eaters can easily kill them. For God Eaters like Rindou Amamiya, Sakuya Tachibana and Soma such elites, they could single-handedly deal with them basically.

Medium sized Aragami were harder to cope with such as the Kongou from before, God Eaters would need some time to be able to kill them.

As for large-sized Aragami, they were much more formidable.

Above the large-sized Aragami there was also the Fallen Species Aragami. These Aragami were either huge or they had some special ability that even if a God Eater army attacked it would be hard to eliminate them moreover it would be extremely dangerous.

But the Aragami at the very peak that were named after mythical gods had the ability to instantly scorch the Earth on a wide scale they were extremely terrifying.

Aragami were just that formidable.

The Kongou that Fang Li fought before could only be a medium sized Aragami at best. If he didn’t use his real ability then he could only suppress and distract it.

If not for promoting AGI which strengthened my legs, I probably wouldn’t have been able to match its fist.

Promoting STR, VIT and AGI could promote stamina to some extent, AGI could therefore also promote leg strength to some extent.

Otherwise, if the leg strength was insufficient where does the speed come from?

Therefore, promoting AGI could strengthen the legs and even the muscles in the legs allowing it to support the AGI attribute. Since it’s done by the Chief God’s Dimension automatically it’s not perfect but it’s definitely a reasonable strengthening.

“Only… it seems to complete the Quests will take some time.”

While Fang Li was in deep thought, Rindou Amamiya stood up.

“I am the First Unit’s Captain, Rindou Amamiya. Who is the head here?”

“It’s me.” A middle-aged person stood up and said in a strong voice, “I am the captain here.”

“Can you tell me the current condition?” Rindou Amamiya immediately asked the most pressing issue, “Wasn’t the Aragami attack three days later? Why are they already in the surrounding area?”

Facing his interrogation, the captain swallowed his saliva and explained.

Finally, everyone’s complexion changed.

“Initial attacking army?” Rindou Amamiya was surprised as he asked, “You’re saying that this is only the initial attack from the Aragami army?”

“Yes.” The captain’s complexion was dignified as he nodded and said, “According to our information, the number of Aragami outside the Russian Branch are really too many, there’s an enormous amount of small Aragami, at least over ten thousand medium sized Aragami and about a thousand large sized Aragami, it’s unprecedentedly huge…”

Hearing this, Rindou Amamiya, Tachibana Sakuya and Soma’s faces tightened. Hibari also felt helpless.

Fang Li frowned tightly at the side.

Although he couldn’t understand Russian nor Japanese as the Chief God’s Envoy there were no language barriers so all languages could be understood and whatever he said could be understood as well for other people.

Therefore, Fang Li could understand what they were saying.

It’s because of that that Fang Li had a question.

“Why are the Aragami of this scale trying to attack?”

Naturally, Rindou Amamiya asked this question.

“No matter what, the Aragami of this scale attacking there seems to be a purpose including having an initial attack so that’s worth suspecting?”

Hearing this, the captain was silent.

Shortly afterwards he disclosed a heavy piece of news, “Although we don’t know why the Aragami are gathering on such a large scale according to our findings there should be a leader…”

These words caused a chill to blow through the hearts of all the people.

“Leader…” Rindou Amamiya’s complexion turned dignified as he muttered, “An Aragami that can lead including large-scale Aragami?”

If that’s so then there was only one possibility, the terrifying myth type Aragami…

Understanding this, Fang Li smiled bitterly in his heart.

“That’s a big piece of trouble.”

Who would’ve thought that this Aragami expedition would be so dangerous?

Naturally, the Chief God’s Dimension quests weren’t to kill the Aragami leader.

That Aragami leader was probably like in the previous world’s Hunters, a type of strong strength and hidden quest

“Then, what should I do?”

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Then when would the envoy leave if they didn’t want to take part in the hidden quest?
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They can leave after finishing the 3 main quests or choose to stay for a bit longer like in the last arc. Fang Li only needs to do the hidden quest if he wants to or can it’s not necessary 🙂

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