Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 91

No matter what, right now everyone could only keep their thoughts to themselves, first they need to solve the Aragami then talk about it.

With the reinforcements from the Russian Branch, the three First Unit God Eaters, went to the front with the Russian Branch’s God Eaters and started to counter-attack.

Fang Li’s initial plan was to fish in troubled waters and look for a chance to finish Main Quests 1 and 2. However knowing that the current Aragami attack was only the first initial wave, Fang Li had fewer worries and accepted Rindou Amamiya’s request.

“We’ll take over from here, can you bring Hibari to the Russian Branch and contact the Far East Branch to see what the people above think of the situation?”

Therefore, Fang Li’s current task was to bring Hibari to the Russian Branch. At this time it could be seen the power of having a strong status. With the status of being from the Far East Branch, Fang Li and Hibari had no issue entering the Russian branch.

Hibari went off to contact the Far East Branch while Fang Li started to reorganise the supplies they got from the Russian Branch. Originally the role the Chief God’s Dimension gave him was a supply personnel after all. For God Eaters fighting, supplies were always necessary. For example material for Rindou Amamiya and Soma’s God Arc. Sakuya Tachibana’s God Arc not only needed to be maintained but needed bullets as well.

The bullets used were not ordinary bullets but special purpose ones meant for killing Aragami that use Oracle Cells as the main material.

Furthermore, God Eaters must constantly be injected with Bias Factor. Similar to how humans have things they don’t like to eat, Oracle Cells also do not like to eat Bias Factors. Using this specific characteristic, Fenrir has managed to develop many uses for it. For example, to create the wall surrounding the base out of Bias Factor to avoid humans being wiped out and pouring Bias Factors into God Eaters so the Oracle Cells do not corrode them from inside otherwise the Oracle Cells would have eaten them.

Even the God Arc that the God Eaters use needs Bias Factor in order to control it and not make it eat the wielder. Otherwise forget about using it, these weapon shaped Aragami would eat their owl wielders!

Therefore, God Eaters need to inject Bias Factor regularly to avoid death. The equipment team was responsible for this work, preparing the God Eater’s Bias Factor.

“In the end, this God Eater class’ restrictions are too big, even if the Chief God’s Dimension has a strange item to solve these issues so it can’t be said to be impossible, but I can only have one class after all so it’s not worth it.”

No matter how you say it, Fang Li’s true trump card are his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. But cutting through the death lines have to be precise. Using a God Arc, this sort of unwieldy huge weapon, trying to cut a small death line is not ideal.

Let alone, God Eaters also need a certain suitability in order to transition into one.

“It seems like this God Eater class does not have any fate with me.”

Within the Russian Branch in a corner, Fang Li carelessly unpacked each supply box while thinking about these issues.

Until a sound called out.

“Yo, am I disturbing you?”

Rindou Amamiya, greeted Fang Li as he walked over.

“Captain Amamiya?” Fang Li was startled and asked, “Has the fighting finished?”

“After the Russian Branch’s God Eater army joined, the fight had no suspense, after all, it was merely an initial attack.” Rindou Amamiya sat on a nearby box and lit up a cigarette sucking in a satisfied puff of smoke.

It had to be said that even for Fang Li, Rindou Amamiya was a charming man. Not to mention his outstanding appearance, his words and actions which were all free and easy would make anyone have a good impression.

This type of man is probably welcomed by a lot of girls?

“What about it?” Rindou Amamiya showed his cigarette case to Fang Li, “Want one?”

“I don’t smoke.” Fang Li shook his head and sighed, “Not to mention, soldiers shouldn’t be smoking while working right?”

“You’re talking about work now…Oh wait right forgot you’re still working.” Rindou Amamiya scratched his head and said worriedly, “Soma doesn’t smoke at all and you don’t smoke, why do all my partners have to be so senseless?”

“Men do not only smoke, there’s also alcohol and women.” Fang Li thoughtlessly said, “Maybe if you had brought alcohol or brought a girl to me for a data I’d have accepted.”

“Compared to smoking, what is drinking and dating?” Rindou Amamiya subconsciously hit his head and smiled saying, “You’re really an interesting fellow, how haven’t I heard of you before?”

Hearing this, Fang Li’s hand stopped sorting the supplies as he smiled and asked, “Are you trying to feel me out?”

“Come on it’s not that serious, I’m just curious about your skills.” Rindou Amamiya shot a look at Fang Li and said, “General soldiers…no general God Eaters wouldn’t have the skill that you have so should I not have a reason to be curious?”

“But if it’s only that level of skill, then how could I kill the Aragami?” Fang Li turned his head and looked at Rindou Amamiya indifferently saying, “My goal coming here is to kill Aragami.”

Rindou Amamiya drew in a puff of smoke.

The atmosphere between the two turned silent.

Fang Li and Rindou Amamiya continued doing what they were doing, Fang Li sorting supplies and Rindou Amamiya sitting on a box smoking both not speaking.

Until after a long time, Rindou Amamiya crushed the cigarette butt in his hand and stepped on it to extinguish it letting out a cloud of smoke and opened his mouth, “Do you know Aphrodite?”


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I am not familiar with the source material but is Aphrodite a codename or a metaphor?
Also, smart captain. Likely going to be a secret share since no skin off each other’s backs
Thanks for the chapter

The bullets used were not ordinary bullets but special purpose ones meant for killing Aragami that use Oracle Cells as the main material.

This sentence sounds broken, if I may suggest replacing it with:

The bullets that were equipped are not ordinary bullets, but ones that were specialized for killing Aragami. These had Oracle Cells as the main material.

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