“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” Above the vast railway track, a berserk howl could be heard making soundwaves like hurricanes that swept away rock and dust. This monster made of Kabane swung its giant arms on the railway track in front of it while roaring. *BOOM!* With that resounding noise, the impact caused by the monster’s strike was like […]

Since Fang Li knew the original storyline of this world and he had watched it in his head from the angle of a God-like being knowing the future and past of a person from A-Z, Fang Li liked to immerse himself with these plot characters. That’s because Fang Li knew about the naive and innocent […]

*Clang!* With the sounds of steel and steel being hit, the bolt connecting the two Hayjiro’s was immediately cut in two by Fang Li with the Katana. *du du du du du* The sound of the Kousetsujou moving forward could immediately be heard as it made distance with the Hunters’ Hayajiro as fast as possible. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” However, the giant monster […]

https://www.yamitl.com/2018/08/30/chapter-67/ “Du du du du” That was the sound of a heartbeat….a very powerful heartbeat. When Amatori Biba stabbed the syringe in his heart and injected that black coloured blood into it, his heartbeat started to pound harder and harder as if according to a rhythm, it could be clearly heard in the whole Hayajiro. […]

Chapter 66 The dark red blood sprinkled like raindrops on Fang Li’s face. At this moment…time stopped. “Ugh” That was the sound of Fang Li groaning. Hearing this groan Mumei suddenly responded from her current frozen state. *pit pat pit pat* Blood dripped drop by drop on Fang Li’s face. Seeing Fang Li’s face that […]

Chapter 65 The strong winds howled on the high-speed Hayajiro turning the roof into a situation similar to being in a storm. On the roof, Mumei was on top of Fang Li’s body, her hand gripping a kunai against his neck looking at him with an angry look. This situation seemed to have frozen this […]

Read on https://www.yamitl.com/ The place that they were currently at…Fang Li had no chance at all to escape. The surroundings were only cages imprisoning Kabanes while the only door was occupied by the Hunters. They all had their steam guns raised and aimed at Fang Li not giving him any leeway to hide. But at […]

Read more on Yami Translates – https://www.yamitl.com/ Read more on Yami Translates – https://www.yamitl.com/   “Eh?!?!” “??????” “Huh?!?” With each pitiful yell of a samurai, a sharp dagger fell and blood splashed all over. Each samurai was slashed at the throat or stabbed through the heart, the dagger was piercing through their skin like frail paper, gently […]

Chapter 62 *Rumble*   *Rumble* After who knew how long, Fang Li finally woke up to the sound of the wheels tumbling across the rail tracks. Slowly opening his eyes, Fang Li looked at the wall in front of him and muttered, “I haven’t been found?” This be some extremely great fortune? “Wonder how much time has […]

Chapter 61 “Wh-what?!” Ikoma felt somewhat helpless. Remain here? In his current state, Fang Li still wanted to stay here? Was he insane? Seeing Ikoma’s helplessness, Fang Li could see what he was thinking in his heart and said with a smile, “Relax, I’m not insane, it’s just that I absolutely cannot leave this Hayajiro […]